Who is Tori Lettus?

Tori is an incredible athlete who grew up with divorced parents.

She turned to sports and look at her now!!!

Name:  Tori Lettus

Occupation:  Athlete, Softball

Birth Date:  February 14, 1996

Plays for:   University of Montana

Position:  In-field utility

Fun fact about Tori:   She doesn’t drink anything with Caffeine

Tori Lettus is a wonderful young woman with amazing focus and heart.  When I interviewed Tori I learned how much she cares for others.  This is a person who would give the shirt off her back for someone who needed it.  At a young age her parents let her try many sports like soccer and swimming, but she didn’t have a passion for those sports.  Her dad told her she should try softball, and the rest is history.  She has now been playing the sport for over thirteen years.  It hasn’t always been easy for her or her family.  Tori was on a competitive touring softball team all through high school which took her away most weekends.  She even had a scare in high school when playing softball.  She was hit in the face with a softball being thrown at full speed.  She didn’t let this injury stop her from competing and being a fearless player.  When she graduating high school and was getting ready to start life as a young adult she moved from Woodinville Washington to Montana with a scholarship in softball majoring in computer science, and communications. When I asked her what her biggest accomplishment in life is she replied it was her making it to a college team that’s a D-1 level.  When Tori applied for the University of Montana softball team it was the first year of the University having a team.  In softball there are many different levels of professional college teams.  The level Tori is playing on is the highest most competitive level.  Seeing the sparkle in her eyes and the smile on her face when she talks is very humbling.  She must have felt like she was on top of the world, she’d dreamt of this as a child.  The University of Montana offers indoor batting cages to the players 24 hours a day.  Tori said this has really helped her in being even more successful as a professional athlete.  With that success she was given  prestigious recognition as being a big sky player of the week.  This is an award that the University gives.  They look at all of the athletes in the entire school for all sports.  They then decide who has gone above and beyond, and should be given special recognition for that.  When I asked her what her goal is for the future she replied to be the best team player I can for what the coach wants me to do.

Tori is a hardworking, humble, beautiful, tough, smart woman who has an incredible future ahead of her.  I personally feel privileged to have had the opportunity to spend several days with Tori getting to know who she is as a person, and not just as an athlete.  I always end an interview with asking what would they want people to know about them.  Tori’s answer was beautiful, “I wouldn’t be where I am today without my parents.  Sure I put in hard work along the way but I was only given the opportunity because of how supportive my parents were of my dream.  Others have thought my dad was always hard on me but he made me a strong competitor and helped me find a passion I could strive for, I can never thank him enough.  My mom has always been there to teach me there’s more to life than the game and every athlete needs someone to tell them that every once and awhile.  She has also left no doubt in my mind how loved I am.  So when you ask me what I would want people to know about me my answer would be that being an athlete has changed my life and I wouldn’t have wanted to go through that journey with any other people but my parents.”

Interviewed and written by: Crystal Sellers with Breaking Barriers with Crystal

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