Who is Shaun Palmer?


Extreme athlete is a title Shaun Palmer has earned from hard word, dedication, and heart .  It’s difficult to be a professional athlete in one sport, but for Shaun he is a professional athlete in four!!!!  Shaun has accomplished what most dream of.  While training for all of these sports he has also been lead singer of a punk band called Fungushe, he is currently  the CEO of Palmer Snowboards, and has worked with developing a Shaun Palmer Pro Snowboarder game for PlayStation 2.  Shaun is confident when it comes to sports because it’s something he has a true love, passion and connection for.  He has more than a half a dozen gold metals, and been sponsored by some elite companies.  A maverick in every sense of the word Shaun Palmer is an American icon.  People either love him or hate him because of his antics and wild style.  He doesn’t fit the normal stereotype with his tattoos and wild style.  Each individual sport has it’s own culture and character.  Shaun has been able to break the mold, and find his own way as an individual in each sport. He’s not rooted in one thing that he wants to do in life, and he’s got the skills to do all these different things.  He just gets onto something that he wants and goes for it. That’s probably what made him a success at so many different sports. He is not afraid to be himself regardless if it’s accepted or not. “All I had to do was wear spandex to win, but instead I wore a baggy motocross outfit, because I thought spandex was stupid,” Shaun explained.  This is a perfect example of Shaun going against the grade and following his own self.  Today he loves Sinatra, old Cadillacs and his mom.  He resides back to his original roots of where he was born and raised in South Lake Tahoe.  In his spare time he enjoys all types of water sports and golf with his friends.


You can connect with Shaun on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Shaun-Palmer-1697727220453363/photos/

and at http://www.palmersnowboards.com/shaun-palmer/


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