Trained by Tony Robbins!

I have been coached, and trained by Tony Robbins.

My question to you is what holds you back from thinking you’re amazing?  Are you comparing yourself to others?  The only person you need to be in competition with is yourself.  Try to be a better person than you were yesterday.

For example Michael Jordan didn’t focus on what other did.  If he would have he wouldn’t have been one of the best basketball players of all times.  He pushed himself to a different level of success.  If we all gave and cared about people the same we wouldn’t have had a Mother Teresa, or a Princess Diana.

In order to set yourself apart you have to find what you love.  Be inivative when pressuring your love, and work hard.  People will see that you care if you’re doing something you love which will help build trust.  Be you and the tribe will come.

Lets get started together on making your life the best it can be.  We only have one shot at this game, lets go out being number one!


Crystal Sellers







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