Who is Kevin Durant?

Kevin Durant is a professional  athlete who plays Basketball.  Kevin is currently partnered with some amazing company’s like postdates, Tik games escape the norm, Major Food Group, The Players Tribune, Acorns Invest the change, Jetsmarter, and TIGERBEAT.  Kevin Durant even has his own shoe with Nike.  He has not let his past dictate his future and for that he has been a great role model for people world wide.  Kevin could have let his past destroy him.  His father had deserted him and his family when he just about a year old.  He is part of the 50% of family’s who are raised with divorced parents.  He turned his focus on positive activities like Basketball.  With the focus, practice and drive he earned himself the honor of being the number two prospect for high school prospects and was the MVP of the McDonald’s All-American Game.  Born in   Washington, D.C. , but currently plays professionally for the Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball team.

I have chosen to write about Kevin Durant for many reasons.  He’s a perfect example of why I have created Breaking Barriers with Crystal.  He is that terrible statistic of coming from a divorced family.  He has faced any fear with empowering himself to become an amazing man in business, charity, and sports.  He has become quite the businessman by creating programs that  supporting our youth and sports.  I ask for you to join be in supporting Kevin.

Written by:  Crystal Sellers

Kevin’s webiste= http://kevindurant.com/news

Kevin’s on Twitter= https://twitter.com/KDTrey5

Kevin’s on FaceBook= https://www.facebook.com/KevinDurant

“When I was young, playing basketball was one of the things that kept me out of trouble and kept me focused on my growth and maturity in to the man I would eventually become. For that reason, I’ve always wanted to play a leadership role in communities and neighborhoods – like the one I grew up in – and give kids a chance to choose health, teamwork and basketball over some of the other negative influences they may face. Thanks to Nike and many other supporters, the renovation and development of these basketball courts is the perfect opportunity to open these doors.”

– Kevin Durant


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