Who is Todd Haaby?

I’ve known Todd Haaby for about 15 years.  He is a smart, driven, and a talented musician who also has a very kind heart.  When I first had the opportunity to meet Todd he took a chance on me.  I  worked with him in real estate development sales.  I was 18 years old, and he had every reason not to give me the time of day.  I was a little fish in big waters.  He encouraged and supported me, he treated me like family.  I’ve learned a lot from this man, and how you treat others.  I hadn’t seen Todd for years but was still welcomed to his birthday party recently.  Todd’s birthday was small mostly consisting of close friends and family.  I met this woman at the party who works at Lowe’s.  Todd shops at Lowe’s often for development projects he is working on.  He has taken time to know all of the employees by name at Lowe’s.  He makes personal connections with many of the employees.  This particular employee of Lowe’s was so touched by his caring attitude, and how Todd even acknowledged her.   Todd doesn’t care how old you are, what color your skin is, how much money you have, or what kind of job you have.  He will treat all with a kind heart.  I’m honored to call Todd a friend.  I want you to see the person I see not only as a musician but as a person.  Below you will find a link of one of his live concerts.



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