Midtown Juniper Yoga


I’m not a person who ever liked yoga based on my experiences with several studios.  Midtown Juniper Yoga changed my mind on what yoga is, I love yoga now!  After I take a class I feel like it’s better than counseling.  I feel piece, and connection with myself and the world.  Before I had double knee surgery in December I was going to Midtown Juniper yoga studio every day.  My body was tight and lean.  I’d always tell my husband to feel my legs because they were as hard as a rock. It helped me in healing quicker from surgery with my muscles being tones.  It made physical therapy much easier as well.  The instructors care about making you successful.  If you are ever in Central Oregon take one class and you’ll be hooked like I am.  You can view the class schedule and more about Midtown Juniper yoga by visiting http://www.juniperyogabend.com






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