Who is Lance Armstrong?

Lance is amongst the athletes that grew up in a broken household.  His father left when he was two years old.  He was raised and adopted by his now step dad Keith Armstrong.  Lance Armstrong was named after the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lance Rentzel.  Lance is today known for some mistakes he’s made in his life which are unfortunate.  I would like people to change that thought because we’ve all made mistakes in our life.  I want Lance to be remembered for his gift he’s given so many people.  He founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which supports people who are effected by cancer.  Just from the yellow Livestrong bracelets he helped raise 325 million dollars to supports cancer victims.  Armstrong was also one of the founders of a charity program called Athletes for hope, Wonders & Worriers, and Pelotonia.  Lance has donated and raised over 500 millions dollars for cancer research and local communities.  He has spent countless time and efforts in giving back and helping others in need.  Today Armstrong is 45 years old and has retired as a professional cyclist.  He spends time as an owner of a coffee and bike shop in downtown Austin, Texas.

Professionally Armstrong has many accomplishments as well.  At age 16 he started competing as a triathlete and was a sprint-course triathlon champion.  He had incredible drive and focus that helped him in achieving seven consecutive wins in the Tour de France, winning the tour DuPont, as well as winning and becoming the men’s cycling world champion.  Cycling is an incredibly tough professional sport for completion.  He didn’t let the fear of that competition deter him from pursuing something he loved and is passionate for.  Lance Armstrong has accomplished so many amazing things in his life and he’s only 45 years old.  After reading this post I’ve written I hope you’ll remember and associate Lance Armstrong and being a courageous, strong, kind man you is incredibly giving to others.

Written by Crystal Sellers

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