Who is James Bay?

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Humble, and rooted are two great words when describing James Bay.  Many artist you hear on the radio believe they’re too good or big to play smaller more intimate venues, this is not Bay.  This young 25 year old British artist has accomplished more than most do in a life time. He has been nominated and received many awards including “Best New Artist” in 2016.  Remarkably Bay is a self-taught artist.  A classic Spanish guitar with nylon strings was the first instrument Bay was inspired to play at age 11.  He was brought up in Hitching, Hertfordshire (UK).  At 19 he moved to Brighton England to follow his dream in music.  Playing in the city’s open music nights helped break him in with live performances, Bay says, “That taught me a lot about writing and performing on my own and trying to hold my own”.  “I’m trying to make songs that make people feel something, and if I’m lucky, even move them.”  His words spoke to the mass, and his voice told the story perfectly.  Republic Records A&R signed Bay after they saw a performance he had done that was posted by a fan on YouTube.  Today you will almost always see him wearing his hat.  When he was living in Brighton he was in a hat shop, and saw these two blues guys wearing these hats.  It was a spur of the moment decision when Bay bought the hat that has become his signature trademark today.  When asked why he believes he has become a superstar he said, “I did the thing that a million people, and a million great songwriters, tell you to do all the time, and you never really listen to them until you find you’ve cracked it yourself: Just be honest. Tell the truth,” he says. “I think that’s one of the tricks to lyrics. The rest is a mystery, or else we’d all have written great songs all the time.”

I believe Bay is rooted for many reasons one example being that when asked who he admires most in the world he said his dad.  He is very proud of his dad for his hard work as a wine merchant, and providing for his family so well.

James Bay finds himself eating lots of pizza on tour, and relaxing with beers or tea with friends.  If life has taught him anything it’s all about the little things.  Don’t forget your blessings, appreciate your talent and accomplishments, do what you love, and good will come.  Bay is still shocked that his love for music, and song writing has given him opportunities most can only dream.  Bay gets the amazing gift of being paid to travel the world making connections with fabulous people.  Once people hear his beautiful heartfelt lyrics, and the passion sung by him they automatically become a fan for life.  Bay is currently on tour, visit http://www.jamesbay.com for the latest tour dates and locations.

~Crystal Sellers~



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That’s me enjoying some James Bay in concert ~ Breaking Barriers with Crystal~







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