Who is Ellie Goulding?

When Ellie was 5 her parents separated.  She turned to music, and now she inspires people with her verses.


Ellie Goulding

When you look at what a “typical” artist is that’s not Ellie.  Ellie Goulding didn’t have a bunch of money to start with or attend any BRIT school for music.  She is the girl next door who was raised in England.  The talent this unique and beautiful person has is remarkable. That’s how simply she has become today’s pop star known across the world.  That isn’t to say she hasn’t had her challenges.  Ellie has had her fair share of reality checks, however, she is a strong, driven, ambitious person who doesn’t allow the world to beat her down.  She was discovered from performing in cafe circuits in her early 20’s.  When I went to see Ellie in Portland Oregon I saw how she is an honest sweet person who remembers her roots.  She said “I’m not good at public speaking, and don’t feel conformable with it.”  That’s hard to believe when you see her perform with such confidence to an audience of thousands of people.  Ellie has the cute innocent laugh that just makes you her love her, paired with a witty sense of humor.  Her song writing abilities are perfect for singing in your car, dance clubs, or crying in your bedroom.  They are relatable to the mass.  I have played many of her songs to the point of embarrassment for myself.  I’m clearly not the only person like this because she’s had over a billion plays of her songs online, she’s had a number one song in more than 70 different countries, she’s sold 27 million singles, and played at the Royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.  Ellie says, “Everything’s a risk.  Everything’s got an element of fearfulness to it for me, and I have to be fearless!”  I find that Ellie and I have many of the same qualities, we are both fearless and unwilling to allow others telling us we can’t do something.  When in Portland I was waiting to meet Ellie in the loading dock of the Moda Center.  I found that her crew is just as nice and humble as she is.  They approached me with a huge smile and handshake.  It’s nice to see that positive people like Ellie also surround themselves with a positive approachable crew.

Ellie is also very fit person who loves running.  She tries to workout 6 days a week.  She didn’t think she would be a pop star because she didn’t fit the look she thought was expected of her.  “I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be a pop star,” she told GLAMOUR. “I wasn’t that pretty, I was fairly average. There was definitely a time when I ran too much and didn’t eat enough and for a while I worried a lot about how glamorous I looked on stage. But as soon as I stopped being preoccupied with those things, things started really developing in my career. It sounds cheesy, but if you think awesome you’ll be awesome.”

If you learn anything from Ellie Goulding know that anything can happen.  Be courageous, fears, tough, resilient, strong, and never let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough.  We can clearly see that’s not true, you are good enough just like Ellie.  Don’t ever stop fighting to be your best.

Crystal Sellers

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