Breaking Barriers!!!

Hi! I’m Crystal Sellers.  Being a child is tough, and today 50% of marriages end in divorce.  This program will help in preventing a number of negative outcomes for children of divorced families.  Breaking Barriers with Crystal will be working with athletes and musicians by supporting our youth who are going through these incredibly tough times.  The musicians, athletes, and myself will be aiming our focus at preventing substance abuse, behavior problems, giving them the confidence to face their fears by showing them that if they have dedication, and focus they can conquer anything and become anything.  When I was thirteen my parents got a divorce, and at the same time I was told that my dad wasn’t my real dad.  Needless to say I had a very tough time coping with this as a teen.  Before my parents divorced I had a solid foundation at home, after I was lost.  My mom kept me from my dad and  mom checked out of being a parent.  I felt like I was alone in this world.  Luckily I turned to sports and music to help me get by.  Many of our youth don’t feel like they have anyone so they turn to suicide, drugs, and alcohol.  All of these have negative effects on their future and the future of our world.  

I’m passionate about helping our youth by showing them they are special, loved, cared about, and can overcome these tough times.  The athlete or musician will show us what it takes to be successful through sports and music.  They will show us who they are, training, what exercises are done, foods eaten, products used, what they do for the community, culture of the town they live in, and about the sport or instruments they play.  You will be able to view these videos, interviews, and pictures on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter,, the athletes/musician webpage, advertisers, venues webpage, and product supporters.  

Explore with Crystal Sellers~ Breaking Barriers with CRYSTAL