About Me

Hi! I’m Crystal Sellers.

I’m a tenacious person who enjoys adventure, culture, sports, exercise,  and travel.  I’m like a Redwood tree.  Even though the great Redwood appears to be individual trees, they have one connected root structure.  Connecting to other cultures and people is what makes me stronger. With connecting people to ways to be healthier and fight off disease will connect us all to be stronger, just like the Redwood tree.  I’ll always try something once.  Without trying you haven’t truly discovered.  My love and passion is when discovering new cultures, learning new things, and meeting new people who become my family.  They are who I connect my roots to.  They make me stronger.  I have a big heart when it comes to helping others.  

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Me having fun at a photo shoot                Tony Robbins and me


Professional musician Todd Haaby       Me with pro mountain biker


Michael Franti and me                                 Pro softball player Tori and me


Michael Phelps and me                              Pro surfer Gerry Lopez and me


Me having fun at the TED talks                        Crown Royal girls and I


12348091_143245392710191_5729771465791264774_n     crystalfishing

Me having fun in doing what I love


Me being be…always smile. 🙂